Community Groups

An important goal of Fellowship Bible Church is to follow Jesus’ command to make disciples and to present each man and woman as a mature believer in Christ. Community Group is where we make that happen, where each member is helping the other along that road.

Community Group is where ”simple church” takes place. It’s the workshop where the members of the body focus on the four devotions as practiced by the early church related in Acts 2:42

  • They received teaching in knowledge of God’s Word and how to apply it to daily living.
  • They had an opportunity for fellowship – increasing intimacy, practicing servanthood, identifying and exercising their spiritual gifts.
  • They ate together in an environment that was safe to open up and share and be vulnerable.
  • They prayed together, tuning their hearts to the heart of God.

Community Group is an intimate gathering of 10 to 20 people where relationships are formed and nurtured, and where people care for one another, accept one another, admonish one another in love, forgive one another – in short, where body life takes place under the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit.

Come and be a part of this vital aspect of life at Fellowship Bible Church!

For information on getting connected with a group, contact the church office.

Group List

Below you will find a brief summary of each group. For information on getting connected with a community group, contact the church office.

Community Group Leaders

Leader: Mike & Kathy Bobo
Who: anyone!
Where: east
When: every other Thursday at 6pm
Focus: Bible prophecy

Leader: Dave & Jennie Cubeta
Who: anyone!
When: every other Thursday at 7pm
Where: Oro Valley
Focus: topical studies, relationship and kingdom-building

Leader: Matt & Corinne Gigstad
Who: young families with children
Where: east
When: every other Saturday pm
Focus: Bible study, fellowship, service projects

Leader: Bob & Mary Yungert
Who: couples and singles 40+
Where: east
When: every Thursday 7-9pm
Focus: Bible study, prayer and share, fellowship

We are honored that you have chosen Fellowship Bible Church (FBC) to partner with you in the Spiritual Growth of your child! As a parent or guardian of a child you have the God-given role as the Spiritual leader for your child (Eph 6:4). Our purpose is to support you in that role and to help show your child the great love Jesus Christ has for them.
We do this by providing Sunday morning children’s programs and services that are designed to inspire and equip your children to know God and live out their faith in their daily lives.
Both the Nursery & Preschool Ministry programs meet during the main service from 10:00am until 11:30am in the NexTGen building. Children, between the ages of 3 months to 5 years, are welcomed each morning by our very loving and well trained volunteers and teaching team members.
They will experience a time of age appropriate worship, play, and Bible instructional time as well as have the option to participate in a craft or game and a small snack time with classmates. These early years are the foundation to build a loving and trusting relationship with others and with their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We strive to help teach these precious little ones the skills that they will use in years to come, both in school and in our NexTGen Service.
NexTGen is for children who are currently attending Kindergarten through Fifth grade and is held during the main service in the  NexTGen building. All children enter the main service with their family and have a time of welcome and worship each morning before they are dismissed at approx 10:15am.
They are escorted by their team of teachers from the main service to their  building where they stay until the end of their service. Their Children’s service time consists of alternating weeks of small group Bible study and interactive learning activities that are both engaging and fun for all ages. We move through God’s word chronologically and spend time exploring what it teaches us and what it shows us about our God. Our goal is to help prepare them for the next level in their growth as young believers as well as connect them personally to a God that loves them.


At FBC we believe it’s our privilege and responsibility to bring out God’s best in every  man!

Our  ME3N fall ministry aims to provide “real-life” connection for any man willing to take a step.

We accomplish this through our 3 Es or as we call it E3!


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